Welcome to Encyclopedic Child Preschool

We are a preschool/kindergarten/nursery that welcomes children of all backgrounds and nationalities from four months to four years of age. We’re the only accredited preschool in the country to follow the International Preschool Curriculum (I.P.C.), the world leader in early childhood education. Encyclopedic Child Preschool is dedicated to educate the future of our community, both academically and socially. We, at Encyclopedic Child Preschool believe that every child can become a Future Leader in their community and future career. Today is the time to provide to your child the education and social skills to develop his abilities to their maximum potential.

How to raise a Leader!
Do you want your child to be a good leader? If yes! Then who is a good leader? Childhood is the time to develop leadership skills, which will enable an individual to take the lead in adulthood.

We’re proud to be the first nursery to introduce the IPC into Qatar…

What is IPC?
International Preschool Curriculum or IPC for short. Is a curriculum developed by some of the brightest minds in early childhood education.